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Juice Preparing System
keywordJuice Preparing System
Update2013-10-8 8:42:34 Hits ClassJuice/Tea/Coffee milk bottling line

Juice/Tea/Coffee milk preparing system include syrup melting tank, syrup filter, blending tank, double head filter, homogenizer, vacuum deaerator, transfer tank, UHT sterilizer, heat insulation tank.

a. Syrup melting tank is with a thermal system inside; it is used to melt the syrup.

b. Syrup filter: The function of the Syrup Filter is used to filter the melted syrup from the Syrup Melt Tank,
after filtration, the melted sugar become clear without any impurity.

c. Blending tank: Mix the syrup, flavor and water, juice together.

d. Double head filter: filter out the impurity in the prepared beverage.

e. Homogenizer: Juice beverage will be homogenized under high pressure, to prevent the juice delamination.

f. Vacuum degasser: Degassing the homogenized juice under vacuum condition, to prevent the juice from been oxidized, and then prolong the storing period of juice.

g. UHT sterilizer: Sterilizing the juice in short time with high temperature 110-130 degree. Prolong the storage period of the juice, and will not affect the juice taste.

h. Heat insulation tank: Storage the juice after sterilizing in high temperatures.

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