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Heat Shrink Film Wrapping Machine
keywordHeat Shrink Film Wrapping Machine
Update2013-10-8 9:33:47 Hits ClassAuxiliary machinery

The heat shrink film packing machine is used for pack the bottles after filling in PE film, easy for following transporting and counting.

Machine character:

1. Packing speed adjustable

2. Packing process: Bottle entering, auto unscrambling bottles, pushing bottles, heat sealing-saw cutting, shrinking, cooling;

3. Our machine adopt air-stirring mechanism in pushing bottles and hot sealing –cooling cut. The unique heat seal-cool cut mechanism have guaranteed the packing result with good out-looking, tight agglutination, perfect quality;
4. Automatical bottle unscrambling system, when bottle changed, only few parts need to replaced;

5. The packing film will be feed automatically, and the tensity of the film in the machine will be adjusted automatically;

6. PLC program controlled, high automatically;

7. Double air blowers, guarantee the balance of temperature in the shrink stove, and also the temperature in the stove will be controlled by PAD temperature controller;

8. All the heating system is made of stainless steel, which is suitable for long time using;

9. Special heatproof fluorine dragon transportation net belt is used in the transporting system, to ensure the stable transporting and high strengthen wear proof;

10. The direction of bottle entering can be adjusted according to the clients’ demand;

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