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Ink Jet Code Machine
keywordInk Jet Code Machine
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Machine description:
Our code printer can print max. three lines in the front of package, and can be online connected  to the filling line.
And our machines have the automatic ink viscosity measuring meter, and can control the viscosity automatically.
When error happened, the alarm indicator will show automatically.

Machine Character:
1. Large LCD display;
2. Can print the language according to customer requirement ;
3. 26 messages (max.76 characters per message) can be save in the database;
4. Can create brand, logo, symbols according to customer requirement;
5. Automatic ink viscosity measuring and controlling meter;
6. Error alarm indicator;
7. Automatic hydraulic system flushing
8. Flexible date choice and real time clock;
9. Synchronous serial number;
10. Stainless steel material, anti-rust, easy for cleaning

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